Electronic Warfare Environment Generators:
for in-Lab. Test and Evaluation of ES systems

    Engineering Services for Electronic Warfare Systems:
Digital Circuit Design
Advanced Software Development

Key Products and Services

VariGenTM Electronic Warfare (EW) Environment Generators

High fidelity / high capacity Digital Simulators for Laboratory Testing of Electronic Warfare Systems

EW-oriented Design, Test, and Integration Services

Processing Design for EW and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)

FPGA-Based Logic and Software for Detection, ID, and  Direction / Location Finding

Specific Emitter Identification (SEI)

 EW Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation Services

Software for Pulse-Level Modeling of EW Environments

Modeling of EW System Antenna / Receiver Subsystems

Probability of Intercept Analysis


September 2018.  Engineers support hardware upgrades to deployed Specific Emitter ID systems

2018.  Company selected to adapt pulse deinterleaving and SEI processing software to new applications

February 2016.  Engineers participate in test and integration of new ELINT system

October 2015.  Field modifications made to EDM version of new ELINT system

May 2015.  Software engineers completed Linux port of a control library and driver for a Navy-standard Specific Emitter ID signal digitizer.

January 2015.  Eleventh VariGenTM for SLQ-32 delivered to Navy for use in SSDS  Combat System Testing

March 2014.  Hardware Engineers involved in aspects of electronic design of a new ELINT system