Engineering Services for Electronic Warfare Systems

Digital Circuit Design and Full Implementation

Software Development, incl. Realtime and GP-GPU

        FPGA Firmware for Advanced Signal Processing & Timing Control

        System Deployment and Expert Field Testing

    Electronic Warfare Environment Generators   

Real-time Generators for in-Lab Test and Evaluation of emitter detection systems
        Environment Generation software for non-realtime T&E of EW algorithms

Key Products and Services

Design, Test, and Integration Services for Electronic Warfare (EW)
Processing Systems for EW and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)

Software, FPGA, and GPU-Based Solutions for Detecting, Identifying, and Locating Radars and other Microwave-band Emitters

Specific Emitter Identification (SEI)

 EW Systems Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation

SoftGenTM extensible software for Pulse and Waveform-Level Modeling of EW Environments

Modeling of EW System Antenna / Receiver Subsystems

VariGenTM Electronic Warfare (EW) Environment Generators

High fidelity / high capacity Digital Simulators for Laboratory Testing of Electronic Warfare Systems


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