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Senior Software Engineer (C++, Electronic Warfare)

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Senior Software Engineer (C++, Electronic Warfare)

We have an opening for a skilled C++ oriented Senior Computer Scientist or Software Engineer to gradually assume a leadership role in the development of software for passive surveillance of radar environments.  A basic understanding of radar and exposure to defense-oriented Electronic Surveillance (ES) or Radar software applications would be very useful.  Especially important is interest and experience in mathematically-oriented computing.  The incumbent will be involved with numerous ES programs and, while continuing to develop hands-on, will eventually lead multiple small-scale projects involving several other software developers in support of Varilog's Navy customers.

Some important existing applications are hosted on Windows and developed under Visual Studio, with Linux and typically associated IDEs becoming more important over time.  The applications are generally multi-threaded and execute mathematically-oriented algorithms to analyze an environment of electromagnetic pulses impinging on a receiver system simultaneously  from multiple radar sources .  (The goal of these applications is to make sense of this "picture", to determine the identities and locations of the (radar) actors in the environment, all without transmitting oneself.)  The applications are generally not only consumers of received radar pulse data but also act as controllers of receivers as well.  Some applications have human/machine interfaces, others are headless for embedded applications.

Ongoing new developments in the ES field, and a broad array of contacts between Varilog's customers and other DoD players in the EW field, ensure an interesting and dynamic environment in which to work.

Occasional travel, some in the local area, is required in order to perform realistic testing of software applications at experimental test sites and at established data collection sites.

The  minimum educational requirement for the position is a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Electrical or Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, or in mathematics or a physical science.  A graduate degree in one of the listed fields is preferred. 

For a suitable candidate, this is an excellent opportunity for considerable growth in software development and project lead responsibility  as well as commensurate compensation.

US citizenship and eligibility for a security clearance are required for this defense-related position.

The regular work-site is Naval Research Laboratory directly off I-295 in DC, easily accessible from Maryland and only a few minutes across the Wilson Bridge from Virginia.  Ample free parking is provided.

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