Electronic Warfare Environment Simulators

    Engineering Services for Electronic Warfare

Key Products and Services

Electronic Warfare Environment Generators

High fidelity / high capacity Simulators for Laboratory Testing of Electronic Warfare Systems

Pulse Processing Systems for Electronic Warfare (EW) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)

Programmable Logic and Software to meet challenging signal Detection, ID, and  Direction/Location Finding requirements 

Specific Emitter Identification (SEI)

Defense Electronics Modeling and Simulation

         Defense-Oriented 3-D Visualization Software

         EW Systems Modeling and Simulation

Software for C4I Data Capture, Simulation, and Training 


    October 2015.  Field modifications made to EDM version of new ELINT system
    June 2015.  Software engineers assist in C4I software demonstration in Exercise Northern Edge.

    May 2015.  Completed Linux port of a control library and driver for a Navy-standard SEI signal digitizer.

    January 2015.  Eleventh VariGenTM for SLQ-32 delivered to NSWC Dahlgren for use in (V)4 Combat System Testing

    November 2014.  Assisted in delivery of EDM version of the RF section of a new ELINT system

    September 2014.  Development efforts contribute to the release of customer's 3-D Visualization Toolkit
version 9.5 R11.
    November 2013.  Engineers worked on initial version of an advanced, distributed architecture EW Battle Management application.

    September 2013.  VariGenTM for SLQ-32 with improved emitter modeling capabilities delivered to Surface Combat Systems Center, Wallops Island, VA.

    October 2012.   Company made significant GUI improvements to SEI data analysis and DB management software components.

    August 2011.  Hardware engineers completed development of a 3-channel SEI Collection circuit with DF capability in PMC card format.

    June 2011.  Varilog awarded a Zone 1 IDIQ Task-Order contract under the Navy's Seaport-e program.

    July 2010.   Company added Remote Control and Generalized Overlay Graphics functionality to a widely used 3-D Visualization Toolkit.

    Feb. 2010.  Software engineers completed multi-year simulation/modeling work in combat system simulation studies for the LPD-17 ship class.


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